I absolutely love what I do and feel so fortunate that my passion for photography and background in marketing have melded together into a growing business where I get to help individuals and brands grow in a visual space.

A little about how I got here...

I graduated from college at the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration + minor in Visual Arts, and focused my early career on the advertising world. A key highlight was working at renowned ad agency in NYC, J Walter Thompson, working on the Rolex Watch account. Here I learned creative principles in visual storytelling at a luxury level and expanded my interest in photography .

As my career continued in the advertising + marketing fields, I began my photographic journey in side projects for portrait and lifestyle work. I always loved photography and knew that it was a passion I wanted to continue to pursue. My photographic focus quickly expanded into the world of brand social media photography when the digital channel became a force in the marketing world, which then began to intertwine itself with my day-to-day work in the marketing field. The perfect hybrid of my background and passions!

It was then that my career took a major turn into photography and social media when I was hired by L'Oreal Paris to work on their NY based social media team for cosmetics, skincare and hair care. I worked full time with L'Oreal for over 2 years on their social media channels, photographic content creation, influencer relationships and red carpet management. This was a major pivotal point for my career in the social media + photography industry, and presented amazing opportunities that tested my skills and creativity on a daily basis.

As the industry need for social media photography and marketing continued to grow, I found a niche in brand-focused photography and management that I quickly became a fan of and focused on mastering. I dedicated myself to understanding the logistics and analytical side of why and how specific imagery is successful on various print and digital channels, in addition to mastering lighting principles and curating a niche style for my photography . My marketing training was a key element in understanding visual success, and mixed with my understanding of photography it created the successful building blocks in which I run my photography business on today.  

In addition to providing photographic needs, I also consult for brands on social media strategy, working with brands of all different sizes and backgrounds providing customized photography and strategic business services that best fit their needs. In an ever-growing and constantly evolving space, I have dedicated my career to ensuring my clients receive unique curated imagery and carefully designed social media plans that provide results and continued growth. To learn more about my social media services CLICK HERE


These are a few of my favorite things..

What fuels my soul + inspires me:

sandy toes, sunshine, palm trees, any beach, tropical destinations, beach hair, coffee, my husband, our daughter Daisy, our puppy Tucker, winged eye liner, pink lips, pineapples, the golden hour, candid photos, laughing till my cheeks hurt, cooking, reminiscing, trees and nature, happy hour, memes, live music, traveling to new places, new restaurants, babies and puppies, honey mustard, peppermint tea, asking too many questions, negative space, mexican food, italian food, making people happy, sunset photo shoots, cheesy yet meaningful life quotes... and taking photos that people and brands will forever love <3


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