I absolutely love what I do and feel so fortunate that my passion for photography and background in marketing have melded together into a growing business where I get to help individuals and brands grow in the digital space.

To sum up what fuels my soul, these are a few of my favorite things..

sandy toes, sunshine, palm trees, beach hair, coffee, my husband, our daughter Daisy Penelope, our puppy Tucker, winged eye liner, pink lips, pineapples, the golden hour, candid photos, laughing till my cheeks hurt, cooking, reminiscing, trees and nature, happy hour, memes, live music, traveling to new places, new restaurants, babies and puppies, honey mustard, peppermint tea, asking too many questions, negative space, mexican food, italian food, making people happy, sunset photo shoots, cheesy yet meaningful life quotes... and taking photos that people and brands will forever love <3


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